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Jo B. Hayve

Jo B. Hayve is the obvious pseudonym of a shy writer. Jo grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the places Charlotte hangs and haunts, and often felt as misplaced as she did. I am not a lesbian, but in many ways did not fit in. Living now in Austin, Texas, where half the world seems to have moved in the last few years, I am less a misfit, but still not completely comfortable. As a vegetarian, feminist, egalitarian-in-every-way, politically-minded medieval history major, maybe fitting in was never my preference, anyway.

Jo B. Hayve was born out of a desire to do the opposite: to not behave. I believe that we as humans do not have to surrender our passions to become more compassionate, understanding creatures. I believe erotica is a path to equality, in which a woman can find her true desires without having to become the object of a man’s desire. I believe she can take charge of her own sexuality without having to release her desire for sex. I believe any ideology or belief that tells a woman who she can sleep with, or under what conditions she can sleep with them, is oppressive. Fairy tales, political systems, religions, marital expectations, and even the language we speak, which has created insults and praises based on a woman’s appropriate sexual behavior, must all be rewritten. Not destroyed, necessarily. Just written to include the equal needs and desires of both—of all—genders. And all peoples, however they are differently defined.

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