Cloda’s Play

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Book Five

Complex Erotica: Tales of a Bisexual Erotica Writer



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Monica Bellamy has been very happy with her new apartment complex so far. She has gone from shy introvert to sexual diva in just a couple of months. But one woman has been stalking her fantasies, and so far Monica has been frustrated.

Cloda is a flirty, curvy redhead. Her marriage has kept her sexual fantasies in check, despite her obvious curiosity, but Cloda is fascinated by Monica. She can’t seem to stay away. But what exactly does she want? Her dangerous flirting is driving Monica’s passion into a frenzy. Is Cloda just playing? Or should Monica make a play for her?

Cloda’s Play is a 12,000 word erotica novelette. It has explicit lesbian sex scenes, adultery, and other adult themes. 18 and over only, please.



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