Inside Charlotte

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Charlotte Bannon’s sudden promiscuity controls her every thought in this well written, complex story that explores the limits of marriage, morality, and adultery.

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It all started at the wedding… Then there was the boat, the casino, the fishing pier, her husband’s couch—while she was on the phone with him—and, just for kicks, the young woman at the lingerie store. Soon Charlotte was addicted.  And now, she can’t stop. She doesn’t want to stop. She’s having too much fun. But somewhere deep inside Charlotte, she knows this isn’t about fun. Somewhere deep inside Charlotte is a woman Charlotte has never met. A woman wrapped in chains. And Charlotte can’t stop until the woman inside her is free.

Inside Charlotte is the first book in The Promiscuous Wanderings of Charlotte Somerset. It is a full length explicitly sexual novel about a hot red head and her many lovers. Intended for mature audiences only. Are you up to it?


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