The Creation of Lilith

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Bible Erotica


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“So on the Sixth Day God created me. And a man. He didn’t name us. People think he did, but that’s because they can’t read. It’s right there in the Bible. God created us in his image. Man and woman created he them. Created he us. Me. I’m the woman.
And I’m not Eve. She doesn’t come up until Chapter 2. Read it, you’ll see. People get it wrong all the time.
I don’t know why an all-knowing, all-powerful God-thing would create someone like me. He had to know what I’d do. He had to have created me to do it. But I don’t know why.”

The Creation of Lilith is an erotic novel of the story of Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden. It is full of apples, snakes, angels, a devil, God, and lots of explicit sex. Hey, we couldn’t have gotten here without sex, now could we?



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