Wanting Men

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Book Three

Complex Erotica: Tales of a Bisexual Erotica Writer


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“How hard could it be to find a man if I didn’t care if I liked him?”

Bisexual erotica writer Monica Bellamy’s sex life has taken off since she moved into her new apartment complex. Two women in two weeks is a good start, but Monica’s bisexual impulses are steering her in another direction. Aroused by a man she has seen around the pool, and just beginning to explore the world of social media hookups, Monica has hopes for her next couple of evenings. But getting a man to make a move is proving difficult, and Monica is beginning to wonder… Does it matter after all if she likes the guy?

Wanting Men is a 12,000 word erotica story. It has explicit sex scenes, adultery, and other adult themes. 18 and over only, please.


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